There are innumerable children in the streets of Lubumbashi: cast out, accused of sorcery, abandoned, lost in the chaos of a wartime escape, orphans, children of imprisoned parents or parents who died of AIDS. For hundreds of them, BUMI will be a stepping-stone toward a new life. Regaining food and health security, discovering a stable family structure, going to school, learning the basics of agriculture… Our NGO wants to give them roots and wings to fly.


Bumi is an association of childcare, based in DRC, which aims at reinserting orphans and vulnerable children socially. Our work is thus organized following a route of reintegration for which each step is treated in a specific manner.

Step 1 : Reception of the newcomers. A specific support is organized in our Kamalondo house reception centre .
Step 2 : Searches, inquiries and family mediation performed by our team of educators and street workers.
Step 3A : The child is reintegrated with its direct parents or with a member of its family, with its well-being guaranteed. A post-reintegration support is provided to follow the evolution of the child and help its family to overcome poverty. Since the opening of the Kamalondo House Reception Centre, our humanitarian and social action organization has reintegrated nearly 1,500 children in their families.
Step 3B : The child who cannot be reintegrated in its family is sent to the Children’s Village of Karavia to integrate one of our family homes. . With its new family the kid is restored in its dignity, its psycho-affective equilibrium is restored, its health is followed in our community health centre.
Step 4 : Its primary, secondary education and its professional training are conducted within school facilities of our humanitarian organization. The child, and then the young adult acquires knowledge and the tools required for its empowerment.


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