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Youth Training and Self-Financing

Our agro pastoral training and production programme, ”BUMI Ressources”, allows organic vegetable cultivation and the rearing of animals for own consumption and sale. Revenues from this activity are reinvested in our projects to ensure their sustainability.


60 kilometres from Lubumbashi, our agro-pastoral site makes it possible to welcome children who have dropped out of school. A dozen of teenagers, aged 14 to 17 years old, receive informal training in agriculture and cattle farming that will allow them to later find employment in this sector or maintain their own plot, for subsistence or profit-making purposes. An agronomist and an educator supervise the project.

To date, four hundred hectares of land are devoted to the rearing of about fifty cattle. And the 20 hectares of planted land are used for agriculture: essentially corn, soy beans and cassava. Ultimately, we wish to further develop this farming activity to feed all the BUMI children and thus ensure the self-sufficiency of our NGO in the DRC.


BUMI has also undertaken market gardening activities on its Karavia land, neighboring the Children’s Village. We planted fruit trees and cultivated a dozen varieties of vegetables there.

A little farm allows poultry farming, pigs, sheep and tilapias via the installation of pounds. Crop and animal production allows children who live on the plot to be partly fed while training about 20 teenagers in the agricultural trade.

Eventually, we want to set up an organic Sunday market in order to generate additional income. In the meantime, we make deliveries to individuals, businesses and restaurateurs who trust us for the quality and freshness of our products.


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