The Children’s Village



12 kilometers from the centre of Lubumbashi, along the Karavia River, our association of help to orphans has set up a project that was very important to us: the creation of a village where children who will not find their parents can grow up. The idea is to offer a family stability and a warm, human environment, a priority for the development and the well-being of the child.

To date, the Karavia plot has four functional houses. Each one has a capacity of 10 to 12 children, framed by a mom-educator who ensures their health, supply and education. A program supervisor is responsible for the coordination of these different entities.

At present, more than 110 children live on site and homes are thus overcrowded. It becomes urgent to build a new welcome home › see our priority projects.

In the long term, our Children’s Village should be composed of 10 family homes for a maximum capacity of 120 children.


Primary education is provided at our school in Karavia. This project enables nearly 200 children to attend school from our family homes in the Children’s Village or the poorest families in the area. Ultimately, we want to build a second high school building to give our students the opportunity to continue their academic studies.

In parallel with the school, BUMI has set up an awareness centre for supervision and intellectual development of early childhood. The center includes kindergarten classes as well as a playground, an integrated and an interior courtyard. A dedicated educator supported by a team of volunteers ensure learning through the use of adapted tools and diverse workshops.

Our Children’s Village of Karavia provides space for the organizational of recreational and sporting activities aimed at the development of our children and young residents. In 2016, a BUMI football team composed of children from our school was established via the Inter Campus network, although the development of a football field is still necessary.


Most of the children from the Karavia Children’s Village are less than ten years old. Among them, some suffer from epilepsy, sickle cell disease, HIV/AIDS, parasites, trauma related to abuse, malaria or typhoid fever. These children require special attention and appropriate medical care.

That is why BUMI has undertaken the construction of a dispensary on its plot. Specializing in paediatrics, pre- and post-natal care, it will be open to our residents but also to poor families in the neighborhood. For now, care is being provided in a small infirmary in this emerging clinic. A full-time nurse takes care of children’s health, but also hygiene and cleanliness issues. A team of volunteer physicians takes turn to consult our children and monitor treatment. Visit our priority projects for more info.