The Muso


In partnership with SOS Children et la LIDE, an NGO active in community development in
South-Kivu, BUMI began at the end of 2017 the implementation of a support programme for the creation of Mutuals of Solidarity (MuSo) to the communities surrounding the Children’s Village. This programme aims at preventing precarious situations that drive families to take their children out of school. Many of these families already had free schooling and health care for their children in BUMI, but we want to take them out of the logic of assistantship to get them to better manage their financial resources.

The MuSo operate according to the principle of rotary credit tontines or groupings, coupled with an emergency fund intended for members in need. Generally, members take advantage of the cohesion of the group to carry out income-generating activities or community and social activities. BUMI will accompany the setting up of mutuals and will follow up until their empowerment.