Our Partners



SOS Children is a state-approved French humanitarian association and active in the education, training and health of the disadvantaged communities, especially of the vulnerable children. SOS Children has been working with us for many years at the protection, the management and the schooling of the vulnerable and orphaned children.


The Fondation F64 is a Canadian humanitarian actions organism with the objective of offering more visibility to the actors of the associative sector. Since 2016, F64 accompanies BUMI in the creation of visuals, the improvement of our communication tools and works at networking with potential donors.


Congo Store is a company based in DRC, active in many sectors of the BTP including construction and woodwork. Since many years, Congo Store makes use of its know-how and its teams in order to help at its best BUMI to fit out its infrastructures: building of classrooms, latrines, refurbishment, etc. The management of Congo Store also knew how to mobilize around it a community of generous and discreet donors who bring, each Sunday since already 5 years, a warm and balanced lunch for the 120 children of the Children’s Village.


La The society Katanga Contracting Services LLC LLC was created in DR Congo in 2013. KCS is part of the group of companies African Mining Solutions, which evolved to incorporate numerous activities throughout Southern Africa. KCS is the mining, civil engineering, subcontracting and transformation of the group society. At the end of 2018, the society has established a partnership with BUMI and today sponsors 20 children. They also participate in the management of mothers and supply us with coal every month.KCS has also offered numerous gifts to children at Christmas and committed to building a new family house in the Children’s Village of Karavia for 2019.


LLP Group gives advice and services about management systems for local and international businesses throughout Europe, North America and Mexico. In 2017, LLP Luxembourg decided to support BUMI on the long run by contributing to the caring of our children in their everyday life. More recently, the support of LLP allowed BUMI to open and ensure the working of a computer room in our Kamalondo School. By this means, LLP allows children from low-income families to develop computer skills and to use the internet tool as a lever of knowledge.


Spintelligent is a south-african society specialized in the organisation of events, tradeshows and lectures. The company gathers every year professionals from the mining sector during the “DRC Mining Week”, which is held in Lubumbashi. By building a long-term partnership with BUMI, Spintelligent wants to raise awareness among the mining stakeholders about their social responsibility, mainly in the field of child protection and investment in the education and training of children. Beyond its financial and material contribution, Spintelligent offers BUMI a platform for advocacy to local and international economic decision makers.


World of Children unlocks the future for vulnerable children by funding, elevating and educating the most effective changemakers worldwide.
Since 1998, the organization has dedicated more than $14 million to programs for children, led by nearly 130 Honorees working in over 70 countries. We are proud to be recognized in the media as the “Nobel Prize for Child Advocates.”