Construction of a New Family Home in the Children’s Village
  • Remaining time:0 days left
  • Donor(s):1
  • People Benefits:12
Location:Lubumbashi, Rd.Congo
Objective: Allow the accommodation of a dozen children in conditions that guarantee a good care.
Raised: 100$
Goal: 50,000$

A family home is normally composed of a mother educator and 10 to 12 children under her care. The Children’s Village has today 4 functional family houses for more than 100 children. The reason is very simple: we welcome more children than our abilities allow. Very small children in particular, to whom it is difficult to refuse reception or to leave on the street, are 35 to share a house of 12 beds. It is therefore urgent to build two family homes to enable:

  • Children to live in acceptable life conditions
  • Mothers to play their role of mother, what is impossible beyond 12 children

Construction of a new home is estimated at $50,000. A detailed budget can be submitted upon request.

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