Construction of a Wall to Secure the Children’s Village
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  • People Benefits:110
Location:Lubumbashi, Rd.Congo
Objective: strengthen security at the Children’s Village site by preventing external intrusion.
Raised: 0$
Goal: 15,000$

The Children’s Village of Karavia is built on a 6ha land located at the junction of a paved road and the Karavia River, in a peri-urban area with high population growth. The security of the site has thus become in recent years the priority issue and the main obstacle to the development of our activities of child protection and agro pastoral training: the theft of goods, vegetables and animals is a scourge, attempts to steal children by family members or strangers also occurred, not to mention the runaways and unauthorized exits of our own children. Since 2014, construction work on the wall has begun and is continuing discontinuously, on the basis of donations from individuals and companies. At present, the construction of the road-side wall is complete, but remains to:

  • Place 900 meters of fence on the river side
  • Place entry barriers on site
  • Carry out the finishing work: wall elevation, creaming, protective screed, etc.

The total cost of the completion work is estimated at 15 000$. A detailed budget can be submitted upon request.


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